Dr. Turner conducts a wide variety of forensic evaluations as well as non-forensic clinical evaluations and testing.  Forensic work includes evaluations for both civil and criminal matters and extends to juvenile and adult populations.  He has testified in courts across many states and for both prosecuting and defense attorneys, as well as in the role of a fact witness for various courts.  Dr. Turner proudly offers objective, unbiased, and research supported findings in all matters.  Whenever possible, psychological testing is utilized as indicated by ethical guidelines and best practices in the field today.  

The following is a partial list of services provided.  Oftentimes, the court may have a specific question, or an issue involving mental health may surface in a unique context that is not typical of “standard” forensic evaluations.  Dr. Turner is willing to discuss with you the role he may play in answering such questions for your case or in your court.

  • Adult and Juvenile Sanity at the Time of Offense
  • Adult and Juvenile and Competency to Proceed to Trial/Stand Trial 
  • Risk Assessment of Adult and Juvenile Sex Offenders (Including Child Pornography Offenders)
  • Child Custody Evaluations
  • General Violence Risk Assessment
  • Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators
  • Assessment of Malingering
  • Competency Issues in Estate Matters
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Intelligence/Learning Disorder Testing
  • General Psychological Evaluations for Treatment Recommendations
  • Collaboration with Law Enforcement/Attorneys in the use of Tactical Polygraph/Risk Assessment of Child Pornography Offenders and Other Sex Offenders
  • Competency for Execution
  • Assessing for Burnout and Secondary Trauma in Professionals who Work
  • Frequently in the Field of Child Sex Abuse and Child Pornography

Once again, the above list is not a comprehensive list of clinical/forensic evaluations provided by Dr. Turner.  He is happy to consult with you on matters of a more unique, case-specific, nature.