Dr. Turner has collaborated with Dr. Paige Harris in the creation of a scientifically sound and empirically supported measure which identifies common measures employed by offenders who are engaging in denial of their sex offenses. Through the assistance of law enforcement agencies across the United States, this primary group has been compared statistically with a group of falsely accused individuals - that is, persons accused of a sexual offense who have been cleared by solid evidence such as polygraph data, DNA evidence, concoctions of another offender or offenders, etc.

We are happy to announce that data collection has been completed (after 8 years!) and data analysis is underway. The initial findings are extremely promising, and our hope is that we may devise an instrument that will help professionals involved in the many different areas of this field, from investigators to mental health providers. Please continue to check this website. As we come closer to publication and the ability to offer more trainings on the proper use of the instrument, we will be posting information here. Thank you again for all of the work that you do in this difficult field.